One Country One Smile One dream

This is Jee, best host in Sri Lanka, beautiful face and big heart !

Jee, best host in Ella

What’s your dream Jee ? 

Just living is good. Nothing is important. I have no plan… enjoying the life. You know people have a lot of dreams but then they can’t do it and they feel disappointed or confused. I have lot of dreams or no dream at all. I like enjoying life.
I know I can’t travel so I don’t dream of it. I enjoy every single thing in life. I like meeting people from all over the world and I work here… so I’m happy. I just live the moment. Everyday I enjoy my day.

What’s love for you ?

He laughts…do you love me ? Haha… a good girl. That’s enough. The girls look at me it’s good, I’m happy.

Ok, I’m joking… real love is understand each other. Don’t do anything wrong that’s better. Just enjoying each other and share good stuff about life.

What’s freedom for you ?

Listening to music, having a beer, Marihuana. Fun music. Dancing all together.  Life is easy. I’m never tired. Some people tell they are tired but that’s not me I’m never tired. Life is not about being tired. Life is not about money. I don’t care about money. The most important thing is how I feel at night when I go to sleep. Here people try to steal tourist because they know they have money, I don’t do that, you see… money is nothing at the end of your life. When you die you don’t bring money with you but the memories you made in your life. Freedom is having a place to sleep at night, food in your stomach, people you love and amazing memories. That’s it, easy 😉