When the soul of the elephants has a message for the humans…

by | Jul 1, 2017 | Animals' Messages, Blog

Since the beginning of my travel, the animals have played a real important part… Everytime I can, I stop a few minutes or hours and I listen to them… Their wise messages bring so much love to the world we are living in…
I hope this message will touch you as much as it touched me !

I was walking on the street of Udawalawe, just having a look around, it’s a small village in the middle of the forest. I was quite exited for the day after… because I was going to go for a safari and hopefully see a lot of elephants and other animals 😉
so I was walking when I see on the side of the road an elephant.. walking to me. This was a magic moment, I coulnd’t stop looking at him, his energy was so powerfull, well grounded and soft and full of joy at the same time. I was already with him in spirit but someone horned at me and it took me out… A man started to shout something I was not fully understanding… something “dangerous” when I realized I was in the park, on the other side of the wire barbed with the elephants… so he kept shouting till the moment I crossed back the “human” side…

I kept walking to get closer to my elephant friend, and sat not to far from him and this is what he told me :
In my mind I saw him coming alone, and from one moment to the other there millions of elephant… I understood it was not only his message but the all elephant message 


We are a horde, a pack, a group. I’m only one of them. (I see him huge in my mind and open my eyes to check how big he is). I’m not that big from outside, but see how big I am inside… this is just like you. So big and powerfull inside. We are all like this (living beings), but to you (humains) this is so scary.  Scared to be powerfull, scared to do big things. Why ? Why are you so scared of who you are ? Scared to open your heart ?… This is what makes us alive ! Enjoy everymoment. Life is to live the moment. Playing is important, some of you even forget to play but this is a part of life too ! 

We are (elephants) all here. We take care of the humanity. Everyone respect us… even the humans, even though we don’t see them that much. You don’t need to be physically present to be good and efficient. Everything is energy. More we are and more powerfull we are and better we are… (he shows me the importance of their egregore) But we are less and less, you -humans- have to stop the killing, without us on the planet, you will loose the energy of peace and the stability we bring. We keep the secrets of the universe since immemorial time and we work on the “ups and downs” of the Earth. It is more difficult if we are not enough. 

This is the message I had from this elephant, a beautiful and powerfull message… full of love, compassion, confidence and faith : fearless, just accepting what is going on. He told me to come back to talk to him which I did a month or two later… and this is what he added to me :

Don’t keep your connection to nature for you… don’t keep who you truly are for you… stop hiding and teach as much as you can, you have to connect them to their heart, you are so many in this world to be able to do that… but you hide ! This is so important… more you will be to be connected to your soul, better the Earth will feel. Remember, everything IS energy ! Don’t wait to see if someone understands you, try make them understand even when they are not open to. Every thought, every will has a power ! Do it now, people are ready to grow ! you are ready to grow…

When I do a communication with an animal or a living being… I’m connecting to his soul, and I receive the information with my senses throught images, sounds, sensations, feelings or ideas and I translate it in human words.

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Thank you for sharing their message !