We swim, we move, we eat, there is not much life in the water …He shows me plastics, objects and how painful it is in his stomach.
Boats all around the whales…
“We used to be free from humans, it is not the same freedom anymore. There are some things that humans do not understand … We live on the same planet with the same sea, the same ocean. If humans keep destroying the planet, and killing us, it is themselves they are destroying. We are part of the same circle, of the same ecosystem. Every living being is important.

You do not realize? Why are you doing this? (Feeling of a real incomprehension). There is no more freedom on this planet, you are all locked up in the small boxes, boxes created by your minds(he sends me this image) where you are in distress.
But you have to leave thoses boxes, and GROW and stop being smashed in small boxes.
And if you grow up you can create your own box, bright, new, huge Box of mind. Stop being afraid of the judgment of others. We are all different; dolphins, fish, orcas, whales and all in the same ocean … why not learn from us? It’s our strength (energy +++)

We want to transmit messages but it’s difficult sometimes … some whales die to make their point … it’s a long process and patience is important !

Others are trapped in basins and suffocate and die slowly (sea world for example) … they are cut off from the world to pass the message of suffering. They represent human suffering. Why are you inflicting this on yourself?
Others are completely free and breathe deeply.

Each species is the mirror of the other. The day, all humans will be totally free then the animals will be too !

We are more and more solicited and it is the positive of the situation. A lot of hope & love !!!! +++”