This is Kaavan, an Elephant kept in Islamabad Zoo, in Pakistan.

A huge amount of people are fighting to release him and transfer him to an Elephant Sanctuary… so he can live his life freely with his herd ! 

I did a first communication two weeks ago, his energy has already changed in a good way…

The 10th and 11th of March, I gave a workshop “Initiation to Animal Communication” in New Delhi, India &

  • the aspiring animal communicators : Suman Virwani, Sachin Stalin, Radha Ahluwalia, Pragya Mishra, Jitender Kaushik,
  • my friend Delphine Garcia, assisting me in India
  • and I, Joy Fromental

received this message from Kaavan :

Humans are not superior to other form of life. We are equals, you need to realize that. Why was I separated from my mother ? from my Herd ? brought here and kept me chained ? It will take you humans a whole generation to crush my spirit. And you still will not do it till I die.
Gratitude to each one of you who are helping non humans form of life on the planet. I don’t mind spending more time in that cage, but you must realised one day that you have done wrong, very very wrong. I’m angry, I don’t want to hurt anyone, but at some point you will have to let me/us free…
He feels No fear, no sadness, just disgust by humans. 
We live in family, in a herd, being alone drives me crazy. We forget everything about life. Please listen to us and spread the word. It is not hard to respect lifes around you, don’t try to rule the world as you want it to be, but try to protect what came before you.
You can’t ask a fish to live on a tree… even if you think it is funny or if it brings money.
Remember what was life before, listen to the wise old people.
It is not too late but it has to be very soon !
I’ve never played, never danced with life, your world is sad and grey… I want it to be colorful and with flowers, trees, walk outside, make the world vibrate and speak to the Nature Spirits. 
Take care of old people, they are wise. Bring back peace and harmony. I can’t do anything then wait.
I escape from that cage in my mind and he showed us beautiful landscapes, full of greeneries, trees, water, and other elephants and even babies elephant. Him splashing water, he trumpets…
I’m here but I’m still connected to all the elephants in the world. 
I can’t do any good here, this is pointless as a life, so I’m just waiting, if changes don’t happen for me, it will for others…
Thank you for coming. He sent us a lot of gratitude and love. Even if I die here, I will be the example for the next elephants.
I’m very happy to talk, it takes me out of that cage, it is a way of escaping my life and it feels good. I have faith : changes will come, if not for me, for others. “