Say Namaste to Baba Owl. I met him in WildlifeSOS in New Delhi, he used to live in a temple with a Baba. Someone found him a few weeks ago injured on his wings. The Baba died and he was left alone.

He feels like a God. He has a very strong energy. He needs to be treated & respected like a God.

When I saw him for the first time, I rushed to him to ask him how he was… and here comes his message :

I am Big and you don’t respect me. Learn Child. You are not the only one in the world. There are old people who are going to teach you. You are a child but a Big Child.

You can reach the impossible if you respect yourself. Life is made to be lived in consciousness. We can laugh, live, enjoy life and still do good. I am way over that. I’m a wise man. I meditate and protect people.
They took me away from my home. My companion have died. He taught me so much. I was loved & respected by so many people. Keep spreading my message : Give the message of respect to others. Please respect each other. 

Yes, open your eyes to the world’s beauty… and repair, fix the one who are not aware of it yet.

It is time to denounce, to defend, to fight for us ! for you !!!

Life is not a game, it is a ladder we have to climb. We all have the power to be magnificent but we have to evolve.

Welcome into a new sphere, the evolution starts here. Allow people to evolve too by spreading the word. 

It is not just for animals, it is for the universe, for the planet, for humans. They need to be educated. To be awaken to their inner world. We all work the same way. Everyone is connected to each other but still living at the opposite. We have the same goal. They are taking it easy but it is so important !


Once again, animals are asking us to open our eyes and be more aware of what they are going through… what we are going through !

We share the same planet and we destroy there home, our home. We are the only specie ignoring the others needs and still the only one who can’t survive without them…

Time to think of our everyday action : eating meat, wearing leather, fur, wearing make up or cream tested on animals… Remember that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE !