Pelusa is a very wise elephant. She showed us how she holds all the secrets of the universe. It was a blessing and a teaching to communicate with her. We gave her the message of hope. We are fighting for her to be released. She knows already. Here come her message :

She is coming running, trumpetting… 

I’m here, I’m okay, I know what is going on. I am not the only one stuck here. We are all together, like a family. We cheer each other. (She shows me the humans around) I’ve been leaving here for a while you see. You get used to it after a while and you just forgot that one day you’d be able to see something else. I ignore what is going around and I wait. It is not that bad after all… They don’t care much about me if I do what they want. (apparently, she used to rebel, to resist and they would beat her… now she just obey, it is easier).

She communicate her message with a lot of wisdom and respect for us. She is a very old lady and she knows the world…

How do you feel physically ? My articulations hurt, I’m not walking much, I’m rusting… It is really small here. I miss the jungle, the beauty of the trees, they are not far, but it is not the jungle… I miss the song of the birds and the sunshine in the leaves…

How do you feel emotionally ? I’m in peace. I’ve accepted the situation. I know things are going to change soon. A big battle is starting… Nature will win, Nature has to win for the Survival of the Planet. Your specie is like a Teenager, you have to learn and grow… it is the process, don’t worry that much. A New Era is coming !

Any Message ? Keep fighting, you are right ! We don’t deserve that. Soon it will be behind us. Soon we will work all together as we used to do. I have faith. I don’t know if I will see it but I know it 😉
Thank you for coming. ♥

She is very powerfull and in peace. She knows.

Pelusa's message from Joy

It seems to me that Pelusa already knows that many people are working for her … She regrets that it is so late in her life but is happy to know that she will soon be released from her obligations?!?
She is very big but feels a bit old outside!
But it will be better when she will be somewhere else.
Her mood is good … She knows and thanks those who gave her hope and affection … she longs to play, She hopes to find other congeners … she needs contact, warmth, love !

Pelusa's message from Delphine Garcia

She is a great lady full of wisdom, she feels old … She knows life and its mystery … I feel sadness because she spent a large part of her life locked up and she would have liked that be otherwise … but she does not feel any hatred or other towards the people who keep her captive … she knows that it’s part of life … It’s karma she says… and she accepts her mission of life which is to change consciences …
She is full of love, and she carries in her a powerful wisdom … She accepts what comes and what goes … She knows the letting go and trust in life … Because she knows that it is a gift …
She hopes to meet other people and have a social life … She dreams there often and imagines all kinds of happy things … She is very optimistic ….
I thank her for this great meeting and this powerful soul ♥

Pelusa's message from Laetitia Francisco