India is fascinating. For me, this country represents a mother teaching you how to respect your body, your soul and your spirit. A mother who teaches you how to be strong, to be an adult, respected and gentle at the same time, a mother who takes care of others without pity…

Being a woman is being able to respect yourself while opening your arms to the others to give them sweetness, compassion, love and strength to raise.

This is India.  All and its contrary.  I am writing to you from Delhi, the city where violence done to women is outmost, rapes, harassment, every day… and also the city where women are fighting the most for the respect.

Being a short and tiny woman does not mean you cannot request respect.  Pragya has demonstrated several time this fact. She explains that here the women have to request respect, even more when being short, because men will take advantage, they believe that they can over pass this fact of respect. But no, one has to be determine. She shows us this in direct: the rickshaw’s driver keeps following us to get us somewhere, she opens her mouth and says two words with determination…& the driver turns back and leaves.  That’s the way!  she says 😉 

Pragya is a very kind person, she saves hurt dogs from the streets. She is very sensitive, she was moved and touched by the communication done with her animals. She worries that she might not do the right thing for them…

The message is very clear, one can be determining, get respect and being sweet and full of compassion a the same time!

Delphine et Radha

Thank you, magnificent country to have shown me through your children, your sceneries, your many colors, the greatness of the Woman!

Joy dans la rue

Pragya represents India in its greatness, strength, sweetness and compassion.

It is often said that it is not us who make the travel but it is the travel which makes us…

No matter why you came to India for, She will give you what you need. The county will show you its secrets and you will find yourself facing your inner self. Travelling to India is not a simple trip, it is the one to find your soul. You might have prepared it or just anwsered the call of India, but after visiting it you will never be the same again. India undresses you, and puts you naked in front of your own eyes mirror.  Its energy is pure, relaxing even with the hubbub and cacophony of the horns.  There is something of unexplainable which fills you with each breathing.

As soon as you walk on the soil of India you are instantly transported into another world, another vibration.

Delphine has joined me few days ago to share this experience with me.  One of her friend that is following our adventure from Europe has send this message:

« There is a very Strong Female Power where you are… and you came at the same time to nourishing it and to emphasize it and you to nourish from it… it is as an Exchange of very High level in link with All the Goddess-Women… to make emerge the Compassion (Tared), the Universal Love (Marie Isis) and the Terrestrial Force (Marie Madeleine).”

And it is exactly what happens…a reconnection of our sacred feminine: Compassion, Love and Strength.

Une Inconnue dans le train

One has to open its eyes and heart to get immediately transported into a universe full of spiritual messages which enable to grow and evolve…it shows us the path.

I grew so much in confidence during this trip…I can say today for the first time that I am proud of myself, proud of my accomplishments and proud of being able to share all of this.  I have succeeded to reach one of my dream or went even further than what I could imagine ! The path is still long…and this inner Woman Power will bring me even further in the understanding of each one’s male or female. It will enable me to walk along with people on their own path… to open their vision over our Beautiful Planet!  The animals do not need assistance…the humans do!

Let’s walk together in the same direction… ♥

Thanks to all those women that have crossed my path!

THANKS to all those women that have guided me, those whom have inspired me, those which I have admired…thanks to those which have forged me, those whom have showed me away, those that have intrigued me…thanks to all of them because I am the woman that I am today!

A special thanks to those women on the pictures, I have been touched by them those latest day: Radha, Pragya, Suman ♥

Thanks to Delphine which has been next to me for the past few days…for me she represents Strength and Sweetness…she is part of those So specials women…

And of course…Thanks to my Mother that represents all those women in one…!

Thank you to Sachin Stalin photographer for the photos of thoses beautiful women ♥

Thank you to Maryse Bittar for the translation from French to English 🙂