Herewith the first communication with Inouk, an Orc from the Marineland Park in Antibes


He starts by expressing his incomprehension and anger towards our species, the humans. But also all his greatness and Love to our species so little awaked and with a heart so locked.


Thanks to him, thanks to all that battle for them ! With love always !

I feel crazy here to swim round and round – sensation of suffocating, death boring, oppression, I am stuck here, I cannot do anything, I am trapped into a basin, – he makes me feel all his ached body by lack of exercises, lack of space to swim properly.

I prefer to die rather to keep on like this, like a clown in his basin.  We are not slaves ! We are living soul, in here we are not allowed to feel, our sensitivity is not recognized. We are used, famished, what for ? – huge sensation of depression, misunderstanding, anger, sadness – why do you do this to us ? what’s wrong with you ? Why don’t you get along ? Why can’t we communicate with you ? Why are you so stubborn ?

You applause torture and slavery but for what reason ? what is the goal ?


Why don’t you respect us ?…no respect for your fellowship ! I see so much locked hearts…you do not even feel our pain.  Your spirit is so much formatted.


Impossible to communicate…We have tried to send messages but you are the first one to come over.  WHY ? WHY ? We are all on the same planet…we share the same goal, why make us suffer so much ? – real incomprehension and feeling of overwhelming pressure towards the situation. –


I feel so sad to see your closed hearts, sealed from childhood.  Some of the children speak to us but then close up quickly ! so quickly !  they do not believe it is real !!!! – astonishment –


Thanks for coming ! –gratitude and tears of joy – THANKS ! It was so important to get out the message of suffering !


Thanks to let them know that we exist but not only US but them too – he shows me the orcs in the ocean, with all the dirt in the water and the difficulty to find food.


Thanks to let them know what we are going through and that we are here to help you open your eyes.


We still love you nevertheless ! So much ignorance. We have this within us:  he then sends me his unconditional Love, so powerful that I started crying.


He thanks me: Thanks to you little angel, go on on your path.


He thanks: Tell her (Corinne Bouvot and her team) that we know, tell them that we love them, that we are deeply grateful for what they all do. Tell them to stop suffering with us, to battle with Love not Anger, anger never brings peace !

Love, respect and compassion. Everyone walks to his own pace.  LOVE


Thanks to Maryse Bittar for the translation ♥