As soon as I connected to them, I heard the sound of water, waves but also and especially other sounds, as imperceptible by men but very disturbing for cetaceans. Noises / waves that are tiring and very disturbing for them. Waves that go so far as to confuse their mode of communication with each other. They have trouble feeling and communicating with each other (GPS? Sonar?)
I asked them, first, why they always came back to the same places. My question remained suspended, they live the moment, the moment and do things by instinct. They always came back to the same place because there was food and they were at peace … as rocked by the ebb of the waves. And there is good energy (calm / rest).
They explain to me that things are changing and that men are taking their food today.
We love and have (or had) a beautiful relationship with men here. They are watching us, some have been following us for a long time and we have been committed to it. But today we start to be afraid of their reactions. They change. We go away little by little. Sometimes men are unpredictable. And we are wary of it
I was the only one doing the communication and one of them said, “We need a meeting with several people to get the message across. it is time to evolve, to move forward. He explains to me that to read or to hear words (that the communicators transmit) is not the same thing as to make feel their messages (in animal communication).
Through the heart, the information moves, destabilizes, penetrates our body while the words fly over us without really touching us.
We move with our instinct, our needs. The waters are dirty (here better than in some places, but still) and babies have trouble growing up serenely. The food is getting harder and harder to find. They show me a lifeless ocean, very calm” (with a sense of fear for their survival)
I felt like a question for the future … until when can we survive?
They thanked us for coming, I told them what associations are doing to give the planet a boost. They said, “Keep going, it’s wonderful what you do! You are numerous today in the whole world.
The emergency is to raise awareness because the more we will be and the more the actions will take scale, the more the energy will go back on Earth
I invite all those who make animal communication to communicate with them.
They need to be heard and felt 🙂
Translated by Kenza (