Communicating with your animal provides you essential answers, like…
  • Why your behaviour has suddently changed ?
  • Is there something bothering you in your body ?
  • Are you hurt ?
  • How do you feel psychologically ?
  • How is your relationship with…?

Your animals watch you and listen to you all day long, they are aware of what is going on in your daily life and they can read your mind and guide you in your life on a spiritual level. They are more conscious of your soul, they want you to be fulfilled and they will be happy to share it with you 🙂

Distance Consultations : Communication with your animal

You want to know what is in your animal mind… fill the form to take an appointment !

I also give an energetic healing session to the animal if necessary 😉

First step :

Make an appointment (45 min to 1 hrs) by email, whatsapp, messenger, phone call &

Send me an e-mail with all the information underneath :

  • a photo of your animal
  • his name, age, gender
  • the name of all the persons he is living with
  • the city he is living in
  • the questions you have for him (briefly and you can always ask more during the consultation)

Second step : Make your payment 

Pay with Paypal or by Credit Card :


Third step :

The consultation :
1.I get in touch with your animal, I let him express himself, he may raise a question you mentionned or not…
2. I call you on Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp.
3. I debrief with you… ask the questions you still have, give him your messages.
4. Find a win win solution together if needed.
If your animal ask you to make a reasonable change in your life, you will have to commit to what you promise. Trust in  

During the consultation I’m am both interpret and therapist to find the best solution for you and your animal.