Goddess India : Sacred Feminin Energy.

India is fascinating. For me, this country represents a mother teaching you how to respect your body, your soul and your spirit. A mother who teaches you how to be strong, to be an adult, respected and gentle at the same time, a mother who takes care of others without pity…

Being a woman is being able to respect yourself while opening your arms to the others to give them sweetness, compassion, love and strength to raise.

This is India. All and its contrary. I am writing to you from Delhi, the city where violence done to women is outmost, rapes, harassment, every day… and also the city where women are fighting the most for the respect.

Twenty days in the Himalayas

How to describe those twenty days in the mountains ? Not easy to capture in words the past few weeks… Beautiful nature, healing energy, and wide messages from animals !  The fisrt step was to pack my bag, it has to be light, the lighter possible and I still have...

Life as a Nun : 10 days of Silence Meditation Retreat

Vipassana is way more than just a meditation technique : it is a way of life, a way of mind. It was already tought in India more thant 2500 years ago as a universal cure to universal woes. Vipasssan means to see things the way they reallly are.

The first goal of this method is to calm and clear the mind. We educate our body, doing sport, our brain, studying but what about our mind ? We’ve never learn how to educate it… the mind just does what it want when it want. We are thinking all the time and even when we want to stop, it’s impossible without a minimum of practice.

Jee, Portrait of Sri Lanka

Jee, Portrait of Sri Lanka

One Country One Smile One dream This is Jee, best host in Sri Lanka, beautiful face and big heart ! What’s your dream Jee ?  Just living is good. Nothing is important. I have no plan… enjoying the life. You know people have a lot of dreams but then they...