A Journey Towards the Self

Orcas from Norway

As soon as I connected to them, I heard the sound of water, waves but also and especially other sounds, as imperceptible by men but very disturbing for cetaceans. Noises / waves that are tiring and very disturbing for them. Waves that go so far as to confuse their...
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Goddess India : Sacred Feminin Energy.

India is fascinating. For me, this country represents a mother teaching you how to respect your body, your soul and your spirit. A mother who teaches you how to be strong, to be an adult, respected and gentle at the same time, a mother who takes care of others without pity…

Being a woman is being able to respect yourself while opening your arms to the others to give them sweetness, compassion, love and strength to raise.

This is India. All and its contrary. I am writing to you from Delhi, the city where violence done to women is outmost, rapes, harassment, every day… and also the city where women are fighting the most for the respect.

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Inouk, Slave of Marineland (Sea World, France)

Herewith the first communication with Inouk, an Orc from the Marineland Park in Antibes   He starts by expressing his incomprehension and anger towards our species, the humans. But also all his greatness and Love to our species so little awaked and with a heart...
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Pelusa, Elephant from Argentina

Pelusa is a very wise elephant. She showed us how she holds all the secrets of the universe. It was a blessing of us and a teaching to communicate with her. We gave her the message of hope. We are fighting for her to be released. She knows already. Here come her message :

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Communication with Baba Owl, Temple protector

Say Namaste to Baba Owl. I met him in WildlifeSOS in New Delhi, he used to live in a temple with a Baba. Someone found him a few weeks ago injured on his wings. The Baba died and he was left alone.
He feels like a God. He has a very strong energy. He needs to be treated & respected like a God.
When I saw him for the first time, I rushed to him to ask him how he was… and here comes his message

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