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From Joy to Animals & From Animals to You !

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5 entries.
Shruti Shruti from Mumbai wrote on 7 March 2018 at 18 h 03 min:
It was an enriching experience. Joy is a wonderful teacher, and answers all your questions with ease and patience. Loved it!
Priyanka Priyanka from Mumbai wrote on 7 March 2018 at 18 h 03 min:
The animal communication workshop with Joy was a truly amazing experience. The detailed information that each and every participant received from the animals was astounding. It makes you realise that you don’t have to be gifted or special to communicate with animals, all you need is the will to do it. May you carry on this wonderful work Joy, and enrich many a lives as you have enriched ours.
Supriya Supriya from Mumbai wrote on 2 March 2018 at 14 h 03 min:
Surely a wonderful course. It helped in calming my mind and relearnt the language of the universe. Thanks Joy Fromental for this beautiful experience. Thanks a lot
Maximilian Maximilian wrote on 7 January 2018 at 12 h 31 min:
Joy is amazing. If you get a chance to learn animal communication from her, be sure to do it. It is a wonderful experience to have in ones life. Thank you Joy!
Fernando Fernando from London wrote on 7 January 2018 at 12 h 16 min:
I had a initiation to animal communication workshop with Joy and to put it simply, she was incredible!! She's very experienced in the field and yet she's very approachable and down to earth person. Thank you so much for the experience. I highly recommend it!
Orcas from Norway

Orcas from Norway

As soon as I connected to them, I heard the sound of water, waves but also and especially other sounds, as imperceptible by men but very disturbing for cetaceans. Noises / waves that are tiring and very disturbing for them. Waves that go so far as to confuse their...
Communication with Baba Owl, Temple protector

Communication with Baba Owl, Temple protector

Say Namaste to Baba Owl. I met him in WildlifeSOS in New Delhi, he used to live in a temple with a Baba. Someone found him a few weeks ago injured on his wings. The Baba died and he was left alone.
He feels like a God. He has a very strong energy. He needs to be treated & respected like a God.
When I saw him for the first time, I rushed to him to ask him how he was… and here comes his message

Free Kaavan, the Elephant

Free Kaavan, the Elephant

Humans are not superior to other form of life. We are equals, you need to realize that. Why was I separated from my mother ? from my Herd ? brought here and kept me chained ? It will take you humans a whole generation to crush my spirit. And you still will not do it till I die.
Gratitude to each one of you who are helping non humans form of life on the planet. I don’t mind spending my life in that cage, but you must realise one day that you have done wrong, very very wrong. I’m angry, I don’t want to hurt anyone, but at some point you will have to let me/us free…

Message from the Whales

Message from the Whales

We swim, we move, we eat, there is not much life in the water …He shows me plastics, objects and how painful it is in his stomach. Boats all around the whales… “We used to be free from humans, it is not the same freedom anymore. There are some things...