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Who are we ?

The Organization :
From Joy to Animals, Nature, Earth

The Organization has been opened the 29th of decembre 2017 by Joy Fromental (Therapist & Interspecies Communicator) & Kendy Hugnet (Behavorist & Animal Interpreter & Vegan). We created that Organization with the Main Aim of raising awareness of more and more people regarding Animals (who they really are) – and other species on earth.
We will promote Behaviour & Animal communication to touch people and make them realise that Animals are sensitive and full of wisdom… We will also familiarize the world to a more ecological way of life, crualty-free : Vegan.

A part of the benefit ffrom private session and workshop will be directly given to the Organization.

First Step : Money from the Organization will help small NGO in need. Random street dogs or cats.
Second Step : On a long term basis, the Organization will open a Centre for Animals & Humans Welfare. Animals will be rescued, taken care of, cuddled and humans will be able to grow and heal thanks to thoses animals.

The Organisation is planning :

  • Travels abroad to develop and discover Communication with wild animals
  • sharing days on a precise theme,
  • workshops and lectures,
  • and many other things… Make your suggestions !!

A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.

Nelson Mandela


The President

Joy Fromental... en savoir plus

Who am I ?… vast question, so in a few words this is what characterizes me :

My name is Joy Fromental,

I’m a daydreamer and an adventureous woman, I’ve always been passionated for Nature, Animals and Human beings in their differences… Difference of cultures, habits but above all differences in reactions & situations that we attract to us…

Eager to travel and to understand better the world we are living in… I took advantage of my student years to do my internships in a few NGOs and humanitarian associations inbetween Europe and South America.  But back in France with my shiny degree in International relations, I realized that I needed a something else to help people in need… a tool that can touch them deeply and relieve them from the pain they feel… to reconnect them to who they really are ! In their HEART, and not in their mind… 

I’ve always been sensitive to people’s emotions and it was so hard that I’ve learnt how to cut myself from those feelings really early. Through “chance” encounters, in one of my travel in Uruguay, I re-discovered the magic of energy and how to calm down physical or emotionnal troubles thanks to the heart energy : Pranic healing

So many doors has been opened thanks to this healing energy… I could quickly feel so much more then just emotions or umbalances in the energetic body. I could be aware of the root of the problem and see deep in the inconscious of the person. That’s why I added another skill to my therapy : the Deprogramming. This technique operates directly in the cells of the brain. It enables to free the patient from chilhood -or even before- traumas, which have a repercussion in our daily life.

It’s said that when you are on the right path, life let you know… and she gave me the most beautiful gift, thanks to beautiful encounters I’ve been awaken to my natural abilities : communicate with animals. Our pets are real angel incarnated in our life, they know a lot more then we can imagine…

And today, I have the pleasure to help you and/with your pet towards the best of yourself… I work from a distance because I’m travelling the world (you can follow me here)… My goal ?

  • Leave my comfort zone to grow up, open my mind to new healing therapies, other therapeutic approaches…
  • Expand my communication fields, meet wild animals and listen to their wise and full of love messages
  • Be closer to the nature

… and share and spread as much as I can ! 

I’m really grateful today for all the love I receive from humans and animals. I thank all the living beings that trusted me and I could help on their Path of Evolution ! 

For more information, contact me here !

Joy Fromental –
Therapist for Adults and Animals & Animal Communicator

Whatsapp : +33 763716713

Mail : joy.fromental@gmail.com


The Treasurer

Kendy Hugnet... en savoir plus

Kendy Hugnet –
Behaviorist and Animal Interpreter

Ask her anything about the Vegan way of life (food, make-up, clothing, etc.) she knows everything about it 😉

Whatsapp : +336 12 04 26 30

Mail : hugnet.kendy@gmail.com


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